Colour Shape and Line


recent work by Doreen McNeill

opening event: 5:30pm Fri 25 August

Viewing: 26 August - 9 September, 10am - 5pm Tues - Fri, 10am - 3pm Sat


Local abstract painter Doreen McNeill is set to hold a solo exhibition, Colour Shape and Line, at Zeus Gallery with a free event on Friday 25 August at 5:30pm which all are welcome to attend. McNeill will also be launching her new publication featuring images of her work titled Expressions - Colour Shape Line.The exhibition will be available to view at Zeus Gallery until September 9.

Spending her youth spent in war torn England of World War II led McNeill into the role of a technical draftsperson, drafting navigational charts for aircraft among other technical drawing related roles. It was an occupation that enabled travel. 

During the 1960’s McNeill moved to the Bahamas. She continued to work with her technical drawing skills but also found time to begin making images of a less formal nature. These works that reflected the environment of island life through an abstract lens. Experimentation with acrylic paint was a break away from the confines and restrictions of technical drawing for McNeill, a rebellion indicative of the era laid the groundwork for a career in fine art and an ascent into abstract painting.

Emigrating to Tauranga, New Zealand in 1987, McNeill soon found peers through the Waikato Society of Art. Regular trips to Hamilton spurred a new period of development for the artist, learning how to master some of the contemporary stylistic features of the time but above all familiarising her with the concept of letting go and embracing the emotional and expressive elements of her practice.

McNeill has become a familiar figure within the visual arts community in the Tauranga area, an early supporter of the Tauranga Art Gallery, a frequent exhibitor and viewer throughout various galleries and art events held in the region. Her works are desirable, lush and expressive. They are rich with vibrant colour and made using a myriad of techniques and textures. Hard lines often interrupt harmonious colour fields, and suggestions of places or narratives are evident.



As well as some knock out major works, there is a large selection of small canvases at 400x400mm for $450 and works on paper priced between $50 to $100 making this exhibition a great opportunity for collectors and those interested in acquiring some great affordable original art.