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new works by Graham Crow



Maungatapu-based Graham Crow is a favoured name on the Tauranga art scene and is known for his bold and dynamic approach to colour, surface and light.


Following on from the successful exhibition Blue Shift, shown at Zeus Gallery in 2016, Down Up is a new collection of minimalist abstract works inspired by thumbnail drawings from a sketchbook Crow was using in 2007.


“I enjoy the making of the works, from the carpentry of the substrate and it’s backing frame, to the layering of surface material, constructing and often reconstructing, covering the surface completely to create an optical sensation of materiality,” says Crow.


Crow uses a minimalist scheme to delve into the complexities of surface and colour in his artworks, which are “wall objects” that straddle the boundary between painting and sculpture. He encourages people to enjoy his works as individuals with their own diverse ideas. It may be the colours, forms, or textures that one connects with, or the works may be read as reminiscent of other objects, places of forms found in our world. For Crow, they encompass the idea of darkness, light and all the spaces in between.