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1. Richard Smith - Mt White Rd - acrylic on canvas - 900x300
2. Richard Smith - View From Travers Track - acrylic on canvas 1020x400
3. Richard Smith - Winter National Park - acrylic on board - 1040x470
4. Wayne Vickers - Ngamuwahine Stream - oil on linen - 630x530
5. Wayne Vickers - Glaisnock Valley - 620x1540
6. Wayne Vickers - Crooked Arm - oil on board - 1060x610
7. Wayne Vickers - Culminating - oil on linen - 1020x760
8. Wayne Vickers - Rising - oil on linen - 920x610
9. Wayne Vickers - Papamoa East - oil on linen - 920x610
10. Wayne Vickers - Ebb - oil on linen - 710x1020
11. Richard Macdonald - Grey Ghosts - oil on board - 900x700
12. Peter Wallers - Reflections, Tauranga Harbour - oil on board - 1500x415
13. Peter Wallers - Old Marker Post - oil on board - 1500x415
14. Elliot Mason - Ohope - acrylic on canvas - 700x550
15. Elliot Mason - Mauao West - acrylic on canvas - 510x1400
16. Elliot Mason - The Blade (Kaimai Mamakus/ Whakamarama) - 500x500 - oil on canvas
17. Elliot Mason - The Blade II (Kaimai Mamakus/ Whakamarama) - 550x700 - oil on canvas
18. Elliot Mason - The Blade III (Kaimai Mamakus/ Whakamarama) - 500x500 - oil on canvas

Painted Land

11-29 Sep 2018


Five painters create an exhibition that explores different approaches to landscape painting. Each artist has their own style and uses their respective mediums in their own specific manner. The land, Aotearoa / New Zealand is the subject matter of choice for all five artists, places depicted will be unique to the lives and perceptions of the painters.


Wayne Vickers primarily works in oil on linen, his style is most akin to that of Tim Wilson or Jonathan White and could be characterised as classic landscape painter, he is however continually evolving refining his approach. Vickers has an affinity with the environment he portrays,  originally from Whakatane, he now lives at Papamoa where he runs his own artist studio and gallery. Depictions of the East Cape and surrounds as well as the Kaimai Mamakus are regular subjects for his work, he has recently been exploring the movement of waves and beach scenes he finds close to home.


Richard Smith is a well known Tauranga based painter, he works in acrylic on canvas and his work is clean and realist in aesthetic. His painting often reveals his love of hiking and lust for exploring new terrain. Smith has an eye for portraying iconic kiwi scenes and often incorporates signage and other man made objects into his work, his works often play on the character of isolated and rugged spaces.


Peter Wallers has recently held a very successful solo exhibition at Zeus Gallery. Wallers is known for his realist works of fine detail and moody tones, his paintings have become synonymous with the Bay of Plenty region including Taupo and also Auckland.


Richard MacDonald works primarily in oil on board, the smooth surface allows for super fine detail and flawless gradients. MacDonald has a realist aspect to his painting but often ventures into surrealism and pop art, often times exploring humour or social commentary.


Elliot Mason is the owner and resident painter at Zeus Gallery, his works are a stylised representation of the natural world depicted before the age of the homosapien. Working in either acrylic or oil on canvas Mason produces scenes that often show the land before deforestation. Smooth contoured gradients are often overlaid with intricate patterns inspired by the environments that represent. Overarching his painting practice, his work discusses the impact of the human on the earth.