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1. Doreen McNeill - Spring is Coming - 750x1000 - acrylic on canvas
2. Doreen McNeill - Emerging - 750x1000 - acrylic on canvas
3. Doreen McNeill - Tracks - 750x1200 - acrylic on canvas
4. Doreen McNeill - Return to Light - 720x720 - acrylic on canvas
5. Doreen McNeill - Tangled Web - 600x600 - acrylic on canvas
6. Doreen McNeill - Discoveries - 600x600 - acrylic on canvas
7. Doreen McNeill - Shoot - 1000x1000 - acrylic on canvas
8. Doreen McNeill - traces - 1000x1000 - acrylic on canvas
9. Graham Crow - Walk by (Autumnal Garden) 1 - 305x305 - acrylic mediums on board
10.Graham Crow - Walk by (Autumnal Garden) 2 diptych - 280x570 - acrylic mediums on board
11.Graham Crow - Walk by (Autumnal Garden) 3 - 305x305 - acrylic mediums on board
12. Graham Crow - Walk by (Autumnal Garden) 4 - 305x305 - acrylic mediums on board
13. Graham Crow - Walk by (Autumnal Garden) 5 - 305x305 - acrylic mediums on board
14. Graham Crow - Walk by (Autumnal Garden) four panels - 305x1126 - acrylic mediums on board
15. Graham Crow - Untitled - 1000x1000 - acrylic mediums on board
16. Kristian Lomath - Peripheral 1 - 660x2500 - oil on canvas
17. Kristian Lomath - Peripheral 2- 760x760 - oil on canvas
18. Kristian Lomath - Peripheral 3 - 1360x1690 - oil on canvas
19. Kristian Lomath - Darbari Kanada - 980x2010 - oil on canvas
20. Kristian Lomath - Raga Practice - 1360x1300 - oil on canvas
21. Kristian Lomath - Lemon - 1360x1360 - oil on canvas
22. Kristian Lomath - Lemon - 1700x2630 - oil on canvas



New works by Graham Crow, Doreen McNeill and Kristian Lomath.


10 August – 30 August 2018


The three artist’s have been brought together due to their shared interest in contemporary abstract painting and a collective passion for exploring their domain.


Graham Crow has been producing abstract works that test the boundaries of optics and colour, his paintings are currently highly controlled, heavily textured works that shift in colour and tone in accordance to the position of the viewer. These works have an interactive quality that continue to enthral viewers with ambiguous mystery, a seemingly live and responsive effect is emitted.


Kristian Lomath is known for his large scale, heavy oil, organic abstraction. Van Gogh or Toss Wolloston could be held responsible for Lomaths mark making and colour pallets although he has something unique and undoubtably his own to offer the world of painting. Lomath’s works like those of Graham Crow work with direction and an organic inspiration and carry a consistency of pattern and texture across a surface.


Doreen McNeill’s paintings have a less linear feel about them, her expressions of light, colour and line explore a looser sense of composition than the other artist’s. McNeill’s work is often linked to charts or maps and often resemble the elements, they are an expression of personal development through painting and life itself.


The three artist’s represent three different perceptions. Linked by the world around them but unique due to their own perceptions and experiences of the world. The other element of perception expressed by this exhibition will be the unique perceptions made by the viewers themselves.

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