1. Ahsin Ahsin - The All Spark - mixed media on vinyl
2. Robot vs Taniwha - Orange - mixed media on canvas
3. Ahsin Ahsin - Boy Racer - mixed media
4. Ahsin Ahsin - Jump Man - mixed media on hardboard
5. Ahsin Ahsin - Yung Grill - mixed media on hardboard
6. Te Marunui Hotene - Taniwha (pink) - acrylic and charcoal on ply
7. Robot vs Taniwha - Caramel Pink - mixed media on canvas
8. Ahsin Ahsin - Quasi - mixed media on board
9. Ahsin Ahsin - Kaiju - enamel and acrylic on vinyl
10. Ahsin Ahsin - Pineapple Punch - enamel and acrylic on board
11. Te Marunui Hotene - Kore - acrylic on trampoline
12. Ahsin Ahsin - Robot Milkyway - mixed media on ply
13. Te Marunui Hotene - Taniwha! - acrylic on trampoline
14. Te Marunui Hotene - Te Manuka Tutahi - mixed media on paper A4
14. Te Marunui Hotene - Te Manuka Tutahi - mixed media on paper A4
15. Te Marunui Hotene - Yung Taniwha - mixed media on trampoline

Robot vs Taniwha


new works by Te Marunui Hotene and Ahsin Ahsin


Ahsin Ahsin, has been producing small and large-scale works laden with vibrant neon tones, optically intense patterns and carefully constructed compositions. Powerful content reveals a serious side, contrary to the initial wild feel of his works that wouldn't be out of place within the thriving art scenes of Toronto or San Fransico. Currently studying postgraduate fine art at Wintec in Hamilton, Ahsin is developing and building on his craft both academically and organically as he responds to the work of his peers and the wider community.


Te Marunui Hotene has become a regular exhibitor at Zeus Gallery over the past few years, holding a solo exhibition August 2016 and curating a travelling group exhibition Urban Mauri in August 2017, which also travelled to several other locations around the country.

Hotene’s work is deeply entrenched in pop culture and an indigenous consciousness. A recent series of new works by Hotene titled ‘Super-Saiyan Taniwha' frames his approach to combining life influences; the Super-Saiyan, a character from popular cartoon Dragon Ball Z combined with a Taniwha, monster from Maori mythology. A loose expressive painting style and flair for up-cycling found materials gives his work a unique and tasty flavour. Hotene recently completed a Masters at Wintec and is currently planning for his PhD at AUT.


Hotene’s work is a natural fit for Ahsin’s paintings as the colour palette, content and energy of their works hold many things in common.

The title Robot vs Taniwha is essentially an embodiment of both artists. Ahsin represented by the Robot and Hotene by the Taniwha, these characters are also usual suspects in both of their works.


Robot vs Taniwha is free to attend between 20 March - 7 April and suitable to all audiences interested in contemporary art.


Price list available on request.

email: thezeusgallery@gmail.com