3. Kelcy Taratoa - Painted History :Not That Long ago - Acrylic on canvas
Abigail Aroha Jensen -Untitled - ink and acrylic on canvas
Que Bidois - Ōmanu, Rangiwaea, Wahinerua- Mixed Media - Rangiwaea
Que Bidois - Te Rangihauhiri - Mixed Media
Selwyn Vercoe - The Poutama Hou - acrylic on canvas
Te Marunui Hotene - Super Taniwha (Lansacape) - mixed media on board
Harlem Shine - Untitled - carved wood

Urban   MAuri


curated by Te Marunui Hotene



“Urban Māuri”, is a collaborative touring exhibition that presents Māori artists from four different urban locations in the upper North Island: Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, and Tāneatua. The exhibition will engage with artists in each area, picking up new artists along the way. Providing a space for whakawhanaungatanga between urban Māori artists and place to share and express their views on issues or resolutions of Māuri Ora, balance and well-being within an urban landscape, the exhibition aims to nurture growing urban Māori artistic communities.

The title ‘Urban Māuri’ is a play on the term ‘Urban Māori’. Māuri, translates to life force in Māori cosmology. “Kia tau te māuri’ implies for these binary forces to settle, be calm or to become harmonious.


The project was launched in Grey Lynn, Auckland at an event compiling the work of Te Marunui Hotene, Abigail Aroha Jensen, Selwyn Vercoe, Harlem Shine and “G” (a collective of Māori skateboarders).



Kelcy Taratoa, Que Bidois, Te Marunui Hotene, Abigail Aroha Jensen, Selwyn Vercoe, Harlem Shine, “G” (a collective of Māori skateboarders).